A lot of Pentaconsix has a problem of Problem of overlapping images
It is easy to say the “Chronic disease”. As for me, I think that it is curable thing. At first, think about the reason.
I think, Over lapping has 2 type.
Type.1 Overlapping but, little by little separate. (Frequently Praktisix series)
Type.2 Spaces is unstable and overlapping images. (Frequently Pentaconsix series)
Famous prescription is the Film advance lever stopper adjusts. I think that, it is useful for Type.1.
So, How about Type.2?
At Before, Think about the reason of problem
Film Advance lever has 2 works.1 is shutter charge.2 is film advance.
Shutter charge is fix working. But, Film winding is adjusting work. When these do in one time, the winding-mechanism need a parts for adjust.
 Praktisix series are adjusted at the winding mechanism only. So, Film advance is easy to adjust with winding-lever angle.
Pentaconsix series has a cylinder. It is use for analyze the film loading long.
1:the cylinder, has gear wheel on Top of. It is connect with plate with hollow.

2:film advance in suitable long, the claw pull-into the hollow. The claw is connected with winding-mechanism and shutter-release. At that time, film advance parts separated from winding-mechanism.

3:between the gear wheel and plate, it has a one of clutch made by gum.

4:when film advance lever moving in quickly, or, gum had damage, to be impossible the detection of film loading long.
5:when the gum had damaged, able to turn the cylinder by finger too much long-time. The gum has normally condition; the cylinder is stop in certainly.

So, the parts need the maintenance. I try to make the new parts and set to the place and success for repair.
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